August 29, 2014

August 29, 2014

This week we have writing submissions from both our Lower Elementary & Upper Elementary students. 

Diya-Student Corner


My Twelfth Chapter
by: Alexia Rios

I have 365 days
to make my mark this year

I’ll start with my fish
hoping new ones will appear.

As for myself,
I have so many goals

Master the guitar
and maybe even do shows.

Oh I crave the wonderful sound
of the violin

I want to keep surfing
the perfect ocean and wind.

My dream since I was little,
now doing pointe

A dream with Bruno Mars backstage,
because his singing’s on point.

A new chapter in my life
probably the most extreme,

the twelfth chapter in my life
I now call twenty-fourteen.

Many New Goals
by: Alondra Pantoja

This is the year I’ll do
so many things.

I can’t wait for you to see me
act, dance, and sing.

The music will be mine,
my very own melodies.

This is all for you.
Can you come, pretty please?

I’m thinking of playing
the violin, or guitar.

But I’m not sure if
I’ll get that far.

My family and I
will go to the gym.

To lose a couple of pounds,
maybe five or ten.

There’s another school
that has a lot of cool things.

But I might have to leave everyone
just to get in.

Another School Year
by: Andy Titus

A school year again.
It came so fast.

An albino work-plan,
A month it will last.

A new classroom will
Be ready, hopefully soon.

But for now,
I’ll enjoy this classroom.

Sharp new pencils,
Fresh new notebooks.

Happy new students,
And no gobbledygook.

About 40 weeks
Every school year.

Then some kids go,
And others stay here.

MSEO years went by.
That was too fast.

I loved them all,
But this one’s my last.
















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