March 7, 2014

March 7, 2014

This week we're featuring Haiku poems by the Lower Elementary and Start and Stop poems by the Upper Elementary.


(Clockwise)  Joseph, Yasmeen, Malina, Emma


My Junk Pouch
by Jesse H.


My junk pouch
is in the front of my backpack.
I keep everything there.
Money, earbuds, and deodorant,
Cell phone, body spray, and house keys, too.
I have everything I need,
right here in
My junk pouch.


by Andy T.


Germs are everywhere.
On the floor, wall, table, chair,
They even fly in the air.

They’re small, but can still kill
Or even make someone ill.
That’s why we clean the grill.

They cause us to shower
So they have a lot of power.
Germs, people do devour.

They aren’t always fair,
Eat them if you dare.
Germs are everywhere.

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