September 12, 2014

September 12, 2014

This week, we have a couple delightful drawings from Primary students Aarya, Miley and Rome.  They were all inspired by the books they enjoyed during story time this week.

Aarya Miley Rome

The Lower Elementary class worked on a word web this week and it is really coming along.

Lower Elementary Word Web

Finally, we have a lovely parody submission from Ashleigh in Upper Elementary.

Monday’s Heart
by Ashleigh Hurlbutt


Monday’s heart is full of dust.

Tuesday’s heart has a friend he distrusts.

Wednesday’s heart was happy and delighted.

Thursday’s heart fell for a girl he sighted.

Friday’s heart was sad and broken.

Saturday’s heart remains unspoken.

But the one whose heart was hidden away

is now on vacation on a Sunday.


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