September 5, 2014

September 5, 2014

This week, we have an adorable drawing from Primary student, Cailin.  This drawing was inspired by the Little Golden Book titled The Little Red Hen.    


Next, we have creative writing submissions from our Lower Elementary students Catherine, Kaleigh and Raelyn. 


Finally, we have a fun idiom poem submission from Alexandra in Upper Elementary. 

Dad Chat
by: Alexandra Snyder


When I am as excited

As can be

My dad asks a serious

Question of me

“Do you have ants in your pants?”

I reply “I don’t”

I would have been itchy by now

Was that a joke?

When I am bored,

Sad and blue

My dad says

“Look on the bright side” too

But I just respond

“Daddy I am fixed in my ways”

Nothing can change me

Till the end of my days


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