Our Community Partners

We depend on each other for safety, socialization, and shared resources.  It is also why we choose to live close to others--so that we can have the benefits of sharing ideas and learning experiences.  This page is meant to support that resource--connecting with others in our community who offer services so that we can build on the relationships that started when we walked through MSEO's front door.

Creegan Group

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I am a full time Realtor® at Creegan Group, a boutique Brokerage consistently ranked in the top 1% among Realtors in Orlando. In the last 12 months I've had the pleasure of helping 26 families accomplish their Real Estate goals, totaling just under $10 million in sales. If you are considering making a move or have any questions about our market or your home sale, contact me anytime at (865) 712-8452, or email to Lindsey@CreeganGroup.com

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Coaching Dreams / Business Coaching

As a business owner or leader, have you ever felt stuck? You got in your field for a great reason, but now it's hard to make a difference each day, and you may even dread going to work. The feeling of "why is this not working" or "why is this so difficult"? I help business owners and leaders restore purpose, direction, and clarity so we can work on the challenges of their business and get positive results.


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Strategic Funding, LLC

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I am a full-time licensed loan officer with Strategic Funding LLC. I have the ability to provide various home loan products specific to every client's situation and needs - conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, DSCR, Jumbo, etc. Whether you are shopping for that new home or would like to discuss your refinance options, I am here and eager to help!


Give me a call or text anytime to discuss your options (321-358-6701) or email me at Ryan@stfloans.com.

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Financial Coaching


Ramsey Preferred Coach

My role as your financial coach is to work with you to create a plan to win with your money. While a CPA would help you file your taxes, a financial consultant would help you with investing, a coach would help you form better money habits and build a plan to achieve your goals.