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Here at the Montessori School of East Orlando, our goal is to educate the whole child.  Children require more than the strong academic foundation that we provide.  Even in a Montessori environment, the needs of the children go far beyond our rich Cosmic Curriculum. 

Physical education and fitness provides our students the daily opportunity to improve their gross motor skills, strength and all around fitness in a fun and structured way with our fitness instructor.  It also provides an outlet for stress reduction, improving peer relationships, enhancing self-discipline, helping to develop leadership skills, as well as cooperative learning.

Visual Art gives our students a wonderful outlet for creative aspirations through the guided expertise of our professional artist in residence, Ms. Mariana.  Through step by step instruction, the students are encouraged to develop their individual talents as they learn about light, color and shadow.  They are always asked to think through the process carefully, allowing their innate inventiveness to emerge.  Through a variety of artistic media designed to reach every aspect of a child’s artistic expression, our students come to a better appreciation for the natural world around them and a true appreciation for art.

In addition to Physical Fitness, the students at MSEO also benefit from weekly Ballroom Dance class taught by Ms. Aimee.  From the age of 3 and up, the students are introduced to a variety of Latin and Smooth dance styles that are not only fun and exciting, but assist all the students in building their self-confidence and, both verbal and non-verbal, communication skills.  In addition, ballroom dancing has proven to improve coordination and balance, and it encourages creativity and self-expression.  This art form not only exercises the mind and the body, but also teaches students respect for themselves and others.

Learning a foreign language at any age can be an enormously rewarding experience.  In fact, starting early offers the widest possible sets of benefits and opportunities for an expanded world view, greater intercultural appreciation and sensitivity, and the ability to learn additional languages more easily.  Living in Florida, MSEO has decided to focus on Spanish as our language of choice. Our Spanish program is largely an immersion program taught by native speaker, Ms. Biviana.  The children have fun learning vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar through animated storytelling and singing which they perform with great enthusiasm and expertise at our annual awards ceremony.

Drama, which includes acting instruction, the history of drama, staging and movement, is a comprehensive program which teaches the art of vocal projection, enhances memory, and builds confidence through practical training and performance. The Lower & Upper Elementary students learn about using space and showing emotion with their body language as they explore acting through structured lessons and exercises. This vibrant art form is taught with the expertise of seasoned actor and performer, Ms. Dilia.

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