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About Us


The objectives of the Montessori approach at the MSEO are to:

  • Foster a high degree of self-confidence, independence, and enthusiasm for the learning process;

  • Offer a well-rounded, enriching, and culturally diverse academic program;

  • Provide an approach to teaching that recognizes each child's need for freedom with guidance, structure with love, and respect for ourselves, each other, and the environment;

  • Allow plenty of uninterrupted time for the children to work with the materials in their own unique way, independently or in small groups;

  • Foster each child's curiosity and creativity by empowering him to ask questions, try new ideas, and think for himself.

These objectives are achieved by encouraging each child to take an active, independent role in his/her learning as well as responding to “sensitive periods” of learning. These “sensitive periods” are ones in which the child displays a heightened interest in some aspect of learning. In our Montessori environment, the teachers are trained to look for and encourage these sensitive periods.

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